The founder of Lushbridge Global, Nitin Dang, is committed to working towards his mission of contributing to the fast-growing educational services sector in India. Skilled in Sales, Training Needs Analysis, Training Delivery, and Management, His professional credentials include a TKT certification from the University of Cambridge & Agency counsellor certification from ICEF.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Delhi University followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business from International Management Institute - IMI. He also is a certified PMP professional, with close to 15 years of diverse experience in roles ranging from training, sales, customer service and project management across multiple geographies including India, the US and Canada.

At Lushbridge Global, we specialise in Student Visa processing for Canada with the success rate of over 95%. Canada & Ireland are our top recommendations to study abroad as these two countries provide a sound education system, friendly student environment and an Immigration system which can be easily leveraged by qualified Indian students exclusively from healthcare and Engineering backgrounds. PTE Academic is our preferred recommendation to those clients seeking to study in Ireland and United States along with those applying for Australian Permanent Residency.

Additionally, our next focus area is the recruitment of experienced healthcare professionals from India seeking global opportunities. General Medical Council (GMC) & Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC) have who regulate the Doctors and Nurses in the U.K. have been struggling to provide high-quality healthcare to their patients as NHS in the U.K. is facing a severe staffing crisis, and there is a desperate need for foreign-trained healthcare professionals. We at Lushbridge Global are devoted to bridging the gap.

Lushbridge Global specialises in IELTS AC-GT, OET and PTE-Academic preparation. We work with quite a number of candidates every year who wish to study in Canada, Australia and specialise in working with healthcare professionals.