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The Journey

Having travelled to fifty-six countries as of 2023 and still counting, I stumbled upon this opportunity to lead and serve qualified healthcare professionals seeking global career opportunities when I returned from Canada in 2014. 

I experienced first-hand that my clients, mostly Doctors, Nurses, radiologists, and Pharmacists, are committed individuals who always place the needs of their patients above their own.  At Lushbridge Global, we have been offering services geared towards helping qualified healthcare professionals enhance their career prospects.

Success Coach & Healthcare Licensing Support Head - Nitin Dang

Nitin Dang picture 2022.jpg

A vast majority of our clients seek documentation to support them in getting licensure ready to offer their services in the Middle  East, Dubai Health Authority(DHA), Health Authority of Abu Dhabi ( HAAD), and Ministry of Health ( MOH) covering the other five emirates.  Additionally, Oman Medical Speciality Board OMSB) and Qatar Council for Healthcare Professionals (QCHP) have also been attracting a lot of qualified medical professionals.

Those willing to go to work in native English countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand usually have to take time off their busy schedule to acquire English Language skills needed to prove their proficiency; they now can take advantage of online IELTS  Masterclasses and our courses on Skillshare.

"Lushbridge Global"  
Empowering youth to global agility

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