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English Test Preparation

Those professionals willing to seek careers in native English-speaking countries can take advantage of our Masterclass sessions and upcoming sessions on Skillshare.

IELTS Academic

Most colleges and Universities in Canada/UK/Ireland require a minimum overall score of Band 6.5 and no less than 6


Additionally, the IELTS Academic scores requirement by the Nursing Midwifery Council of the UK for nurses aspiring to work in the UK now stands at Listening 7.00, Reading 7.00, Writing 6.5 and Speaking 7.00, which is likely to be relaxed in 2023. However, Doctors need to score at least Band 7.0 in each testing area and an overall score of 7.5 

IELTS General Training Test

Mostly required to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, a score of Listening 8.00, Reading 7.0, Writing 7.0 and Speaking 7.0 is usually needed to obtain 50 bonus points towards the candidate’s application. 

IELTS Certificate from Australian Master Trainer.jpeg
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